A Citizen’s Guide to Greece 2015



This is not Sparta

By Nikos Konstandaras Groups of left-wing protesters have been fighting to obstruct university reforms which, among other things, will put an end to their lengthy dominance. At the same time, groups of far-right thugs have step...
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Suddenly, elections that haven’t much mattered may have a real impact

Catchy title in today’s euronews: “Could youth vote stir up next European elections?” Excerpts from Anders Melin’s article below. “A survey released by the European Commission last week showed 65 p...
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Greek image, also in crisis

By Maria Alafouzos   There is a cafe off Syntagma Square and it’s filled with people drinking coffee and speaking to each other in indoor tones. The smokers sit outside under outdoor heaters. Daylight is beginning to fad...
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On the “social” economy

Politis recently published a post on efforts in Northern Greece to encourage active citizens to involve themselves in matters of “social economy.” Below we share excerpts on the subject from an article by Andrew Hig...

Nowhere to hide

By David Wisner Politis has pointed this phenomenon up before. Newsworthy Grecians can no longer hide behind the figurative distance between Athens and the rest of the world, or the relative inaccessibility of the Greek languag...

@#$% democracy

I first saw this illustration on Facebook early this past Monday morning, after I had read initial accounts in the Greek press on voter turnout in the September 20 general election. My first reflex was maybe to share it with aw...


Triumph of the statisticians

By Politis “A year in a word: Grexit,” runs the headline of this article in yesterday’s Financial Times. Coined in February 2012, when speculation on Greece’s fate in the eurozone was reaching frenzy, th...
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2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index

Greece’s position in Deloitte’s 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index is outright depressing. In terms of current competitiveness and of projected rankings for 2018, Greece is dead last among the 38 countr...
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