A Citizen’s Guide to Greece 2015



It happened. It’s done. Now what.

By Jayde Hansen Regardless of how we feel about the elections, there is absolutely nothing we can do about the selection of the president at this point. What we can do is be catalysts for change. Social media has gone absolutel...
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@#$% democracy

I first saw this illustration on Facebook early this past Monday morning, after I had read initial accounts in the Greek press on voter turnout in the September 20 general election. My first reflex was maybe to share it with aw...

On the “social” economy

Politis recently published a post on efforts in Northern Greece to encourage active citizens to involve themselves in matters of “social economy.” Below we share excerpts on the subject from an article by Andrew Hig...

Suddenly, elections that haven’t much mattered may have a real impact

Catchy title in today’s euronews: “Could youth vote stir up next European elections?” Excerpts from Anders Melin’s article below. “A survey released by the European Commission last week showed 65 p...
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ROAR Magazine

By Krysta Kalachani I have been following this website from time to time for a year or more, and particularly one of the contributors, Jerome Roos, who started writing when the Syntagma gatherings started taking place. Here is ...

Greece 2012 International Religious Freedom Report

Excerpts from the annual international religious freedom report that was published on Monday by the US State Department. Executive Summary The constitution and other laws and policies protect religious freedom with some restri...
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Citizen discontent in Bulgaria

Mass protests of Bulgarians forced the last government to resign. A new caretaker government now has to prepare early parliamentary elections on May 12. But many Bulgarians have lost faith in politics altogether. Unrelated as t...
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