A Citizen’s Guide to Greece 2015



Crimes against ourselves

Recently I read that a group of Greek anti-austerity campaigners want to bring the government on trial for ‘crimes against humanity’ at the International Criminal Court. Understandably, there is considerable anti-government...
by iankehoe


Citizenship in Greece in questions

By Despina Ventouri Despite the fact that the concept of citizenship has roots in ancient Greece, one must not confuse this with more modern definitions and forms of citizenship. First, citizenship and democracy were invented i...
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In defense of quiet activism

By Maria Patsarika Last week I went to an interesting talk about the role of social sciences in these days of financial, political and social crisis and insecurity for Greece. Throughout the talk a critical question was lingeri...
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This is citizenship in action!

By Maria Patsarika October 27, 2011 may now seem as a distant instantané of the eurozone crisis. However, at that time, it was seen by many as a victorious day, after having agreed a deal that slashed the Greek debt to 50%. As...
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The Citizenship we need now is about transforming institutions

By Ian Kehoe In these unprecedented times in Greece, it is more important than ever to question the purposes and outcomes of social projects and institutions in order to make sure we are really tackling the underlying causes an...
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Greeks not trying hard enough

By Livingston Merchant I just read the article entitled “The Greeks aren’t even trying,” in a blog named Testosterone Pit by Wolf Richter. I work as a professor of history and international affairs at Raparin ...
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In search of a Greek social contract

By David Wisner I’ve been thinking a lot about the American Declaration of Independence. Let me explain by way of an anecdote. Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s long-time business associate, is blind in one eye, owing...

New meaning to the word demos

By Laura Strieth “Iceland Mob Rule” is what the Guardian called it but to me it seems like an evolved form of democracy. A country with the oldest continuous parliament dating back to 930, had the 3rd largest financial melt...
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Editors’ choice: summer reading from Politis

Politis have selected the following series of previously published articles, covering a variety of topics, for your summer reading. Compiled by Politis summer staff intern Miriam Kamil. 1. This cheat sheet is excellent to have ...


Sins of our fathers

By David Wisner On days like this past Sunday (March 25) we celebrate the heroic exploits of our forebears. We characteristically posit that knowledge of such exploits constitutes one of the cornerstones of modern citizenship. ...