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August 1, 2012

Editors’ choice: summer reading from Politis

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Written by: MK

Politis have selected the following series of previously published articles, covering a variety of topics, for your summer reading. Compiled by Politis summer staff intern Miriam Kamil.

1. This cheat sheet is excellent to have on hand while reading other entries in Politis’ live blog coverage of parliamentary elections in Greece.

2. We love Politis contributor Vangelis Kontos’ optimistic view of the economic crisis. Favorite line: “Prices have fallen and when prices are down, opportunities are up. If you add up the fact that Greeks finally trust the Greek market more than foreign ones, then you have an opportunity.”

3. For a very insightful defense of Greece we recommend Ian Kehoe’s condemnation of the role of the international media in the eurozone crisis!  It still strikes us how aggressively the media have been dealing with Greece, while this economic crisis actually touches the whole continent.

4. This Greek voter has a perspective that is pertinent, and she discusses an important issue:  young people should vote!

5. New media is all the rage. Krysta Kalachani shows how Greeks are adopting new forms of citizen journalism to make sense of the crisis.

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