A Citizen’s Guide to Greece 2015




By Krysta Kalachani Very good site! It seems that it will be fully working in a few days, it is very new. Really interesting though. They are trying to bring Corinth’s citizens together, to spot problems in the area and f...

The invisible Greek crisis

By Diego Salas Before coming to Greece, the talk of crisis had me shocked; I didn’t know what to expect (people in the streets is what I imagined) — all the riots and talk I had heard were making me apprehensive. After ...
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Vandalism and oppression

Tasoula Karaiskaki has a commentary out in this past Saturday’s Kathimerini English edition relative to the incidence of graffiti in downtown Thessaloniki, partly celebrating the centenial of the founding of Aris football...
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Why serve?

By David Wisner I confess. I am a Europeanist and a self-conscious product of what we call the Western tradition. I  dreamed as a teenager of studying in Florence, the Florence of the Italian Renaissance. I later came of age i...

Politis Forum: To Vote or Not To Vote

The Editors of Politis asked members of the current blogging team to consider arguments in favor of not voting. We post the contributions of Northeastern University freshman Katharine Welch and Dukakis Center Director David Wis...
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