A Citizen’s Guide to Greece 2015



Four things we learned on May 6

By David Wisner The crisis in Greece is political. Very few of the reforms the governments of George Papandreou and Lucas Papademos pledged to undertake in exchange for loans from the Troika have materialized. The evaluation of...

Citizen: the pariah of the political sphere

By Dimitrios Machairas “Man is a political animal”, said The Philosopher some twenty-four centuries ago in a stroke of insight and conciseness… One might expect that, after all this time, humans would have mastere...
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What will it feel like to vote this time?

In this post we publish the responses of a group of young Greek voters to the question, “How will you feel when you go to vote in Sunday’s elections?” It is perfectly certain for a responsible and thoughtful citizen that ...
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It’s our right: I think I’ll vote

In this week’s installment of “It’s our right,” college student Iliana Sansi, who is eligible to vote for the first time in her life, deliberates whether she wants to exercise this right on May 6. The la...
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The New Byzantine

By David Wisner Byzantine: …excessively complicated and detailed… (Oxford English Dictionary) I went to my local mall this past weekend. Malls are interesting places to observe human behavior, and it strikes me that they ma...

To which party would you be matched if you were a Greek voter? Choose4Greece

Choose4Greece is an online application which calculates voters’ ideological congruence with political parties for the May 6 election in Greece.   To which party would you be matched if you were a Greek voter?   Gr...
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The story of regulatory reform in Greece

By Efi Stefopoulou Regulatory policy may be defined broadly as an explicit, dynamic, and consistent “government-wide” policy to pursue high quality regulation. Greek regulatory policy has been subject to a long-lasting refo...
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A few thoughts on urban citizenship

By Anna-Maria Konsta In today’s insecure globalized world, where state and supranational structures seem to be collapsing, there are good reasons to reconnect citizenship with the city, especially if we focus on a “bottom-u...
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Crimes against ourselves

Recently I read that a group of Greek anti-austerity campaigners want to bring the government on trial for ‘crimes against humanity’ at the International Criminal Court. Understandably, there is considerable anti-government...
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New Media emerging

By Krystallia Kalachani It is late afternoon, June 2011, the temperature in Athens is high. I am still at work giving a last look at my social media accounts before I leave for home, there is calling for a gathering in Syntagma...