A Citizen’s Guide to Greece 2015



Would you swear an oath to the Queen?

By David Wisner The Globe and Mail ran a story yesterday about “would-be Canadian citizens” who are up in arms about the oath of allegiance they must swear to the British monarch prior to earning full rights as citi...

Nowhere to hide

By David Wisner Politis has pointed this phenomenon up before. Newsworthy Grecians can no longer hide behind the figurative distance between Athens and the rest of the world, or the relative inaccessibility of the Greek languag...

Football activism

          A striking scene from the Copacabana.  


Saying of the day: 3/19/13

  “If we cannot come up the €5.8bn in a few days then I think we will go to the Cyprus pound. That will be the end of Cyprus in the Eurozone.” — Marios Mavrides
by Politis


Waiting for a leader: a post-leftist appraisal

A review by Krysta Kalachani of Alain Badiou, “Greek anti-fascism protests put the left’s impotence on display,” The Guardian, October 3, 2013. Here are my first thoughts but one has more to say. This is no or...

Illiberal and un-European

By David Wisner A few months ago I filed my Greek tax return, as I have every year since 1995; just recently I payed the first installment of my remaining income tax obligation for 2012. This year, like last, I had to submit al...


Freeman movement: government and/or sovereignty

If you have a little time, this clip will explain why there should be no government. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RLHsH7XAkc

Center right, center left: How’d we do?

How’d we do? Not especially well if we give credence to the methodology of the recently published Pew Charitable Trusts’ Election Performance Index. Scores of near-systemic flaws were reported throughout the US in 2...
by Politis


The new conventional wisdom on Cyprus?

The papers were full of analysis on the heels of the EU-Cyprus agreement Monday. Not surprisingly, after some of the hyperbole, there came reflection. The deal, it appears to some, was not as bad as it might have been, and not ...
by Politis



Now comes the hard part

It was in the wee hours between November 4-5, 2008. The news was filtering in that Barack Obama had defeated John McCain in the US Presidential election. If you were a Republican, and had experienced George W. Bush’s hist...