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January 23, 2013

Women and politics: new rules

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Written by: Politis

Joan Walsh, commenting in Salon on Hillary Clinton’s Senate hearing today notes that “Clinton stood up to the raging bulls with grace and fire of her own… After [which] she was lectured and hectored by guys who don’t quite measure up to her and never will.”

Okay, so Salon is a liberal paper and one might expect Walsh to cheer-lead for the frontrunner in the 2016 nomination sweepstakes. She does have something more profound to say near the end of her piece – and the reader is well advised to note that three of the last four US Secretaries of State have been women:

“But we did learn something about politics from Wednesday’s Senate tableau: The rules of the game are changing for women in public life and politics. We’re not supposed to get weepy, or lose our temper; Clinton did both during the hearing and got praise for her sincerity and her righteous anger.”


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