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July 10, 2012

What they’re saying about us now

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Written by: MK

An annotated collection of recommended articles about Greece and the eurozone, updated regularly by Politis’ summer staff intern, Miriam Kamil.

To July 5, 2012

Ann Appelbaum of the Washington Post had this to say on June 29 about the immediate post-election climate in Greece.  It is an excellent recap of the events of the week after the election, ending with an assessment of the future and the merit of the Syriza party.  Insightful and concisely written.

Donald Kaul published a commentary entitled “Greece is one weak domino” that tries to explain all the ways Greece is generally irresponsible with money. Highlight that makes it relevant to our interests as students:  “Greece has four times as many teachers per pupil as the next most teacher-rich nation (Finland), yet scores near the bottom of school systems in Europe.” The only issue with the article is that it is written by a retired columnist whose expertise I cannot speak for. Nonetheless, it is interesting and controversial.

I was intrigued by a post I found on Facebook about Angela Merkel.  I found this editorial in the Telegraph of June 29, refuting an opinion that Merkel should resign.  It basically says her resignation would help nothing. It is very informative, though not specific to Greek politics.

This AP article, which I found on philly.com, is not particularly political, but it’s very interesting!  It looks like the original Via Egnatia, a 2000 year old road, was just unearthed underneath Thessaloniki!  Fun for anyone who enjoys ancient history!

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  1. Just wait until the US election campaign super-heats in the fall and the Republicans try to use Greece as an example of what not to do. We ain’t seen nothing yet….

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