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November 27, 2015

The same language

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Written by: DW

By Alexia Apostolina

A cloudy morning in November we woke up, dressed as warm as we could with a smile on our faces, bags with pullovers, raincoats and everything else we wanted to give to those people. Heroes.  In the bus everyone seemed unsure, wondering about what we would come across in Eidomeni. Many feelings, many questions. Questions that seemed rhetorical till the time of our arrival at the border. The weather was getting worse, but in my soul there was bright sunshine. All through the night I was packing things with happiness and anticipation. We went into a camp with the volunteers serving food, warm food prepared with love. Our photographer, Dimitris, captured these moments with photos that are full of emotions, emotions that remind us of the reason of our existence. Their faces, their satisfaction and sense of security reflected in their tired eyes, their desperate eyes looking for hope and new life. I have never felt so fulfilled in my life and I would give everything to come back and see them again, help them make them believe in their dreams. As George Carlin said, “everyone smiles in the same language. “

I dedicate this little story to humanity, to our equal rights, and as long as I’m alive, I will pray for peace and the right to self-preservation worldwide.

Photo credit: Marianna Zisopoulou


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