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March 4, 2015

That’s right, keep talking…

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Written by: KK

By Krysta

“Keep Talking Greece” is one of the sites I have been following from time to time.

Although they do not really say who is writing (this is not to their advantage), they seem to have a clear distinction btw the articles they repost and their own original opinion articles. They seem pretty serious and faithful to their initial target.

Quoting from the about us section of the website somehow proves this coherence:

“Keep Talking Greece” went online … amid worldwide speculations and expectations that Greece was going bankrupt, that Greece was about to exit the euro zone and that the citizens of the debt-ridden country were lazy and corrupt … The blog came out of the need to share with international audience the debt-crisis aspect from the side of the ‘real’ Greeks; their personal stories, comments, fears and anger about the hopeless situation they were taken in and confronted with … “Keep Talking Greece” brings Greek news to you in English … from politics, economy and society, mostly garnished with a personal note and comment on our Greek reality.

As for the particular report I have read most recently, “KTG talks to SYRIZA-voters about Eurogroup agreement, elections promises, expectations & hope,” think it mirrors somehow views that are exchanged in many different social gatherings like the one the article describes. It surely is very very close to reality, if you consider that the people talking are most of the times from the fast shrinking middle class.


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