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November 12, 2015

Anything new here?

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Written by: KK

By Krysta

I am reading two new sites.

First, Liberal.gr. My first impression is not positive.

In one recent post the author wants to reply to his readers who he is (he used to write for www.capital.gr). But eventually after sharing two irrelevent stories he doesn’t say. Judging from his writing, I have difficulty taking this seriously. I don’t know what he has done previously but this is hardly credible, hardly worth reading.

Now on to New Republic.

I think this website has to do with a new face (if I may say so) of New Democracy and the role of the center-right in the country. I don’t think that there is any novelty here apart from the nice colors of the website and the importance given to its appearance.

Same old story…  As long as the situation in Greece stagnates more and more nothing new will come forward I believe, and platforms like this try hard but do nothing. Unless one is “tricked” that there is actual novelty here; but I don’t think there is.

Nothing like the new cabinet in Canada.


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