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May 18, 2015

Analyzing Greece

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Written by: KK

By Krysta

Analyze Greece is a decent left-wing analysis of the current situation in Greece. They are not hiding what they are, they state that they are on the left and they stand on their left background to bring forward reports, articles, interviews, etc. They report in English and they actually have a large team of people who translate to the English language. The language of the articles is concise and as they characteristically state in the about us section: “We exist to fill a gap; while iterations of crisis and resistance abound in Greece, much is lost in translation.”

They republish articles from other sources from what I understand, while on their website they say the following:

As writers and organizers of the Left, we seek to grab hold of the narratives told about Greece and to change them. Bringing urgent texts – written, oral or visual – to the attention of people across the world, we aim to circumvent the politics of the mainstream media to share stories of living, coping and struggling through the Greek crisis. As the public sphere is butchered, this is our own public arena for the dissemination of information, but also for thinking, reading, working and fighting together…

Analyze Greece! provides a link between Greek social movements and the people of the world. Analyze Greece! is a joint project of Enthemata and Red Notebook. Enthemata is the Sunday supplement of Avgi –the daily newspaper of the Greek Left – devoted to critical analysis and political debate. Red Notebook is a leading website of the Greek Left offering analysis and commentary on contemporary events.

From the quick look I have given to the website, what they are and what they stand for is exactly what they do. If one wants to find a collection of articles that relate somehow to the Left or also what is going on with the social movements in Greece, this is a good starting point.


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